Boat Ramp Rules




1.  No parking on the boat ramp.  All parking should be in the area provided at the top of the boat ramp.

2.  Please only use half the launching ramp so two boats may launch or be retrieved at the same time.

3.  All watercraft, including personal watercraft must observe the no wake rules inside marina cove.

4.  No swimming in the area of the boat launch and courtesy dock.

5.  Please dispose of your trash in the receptacle at the top of the ramp.

6.  The Courtesy Dock is for loading and off-loading.  Do not use it for tie-ups other than to bring your trailer down.  Also, the Courtesy Dock is not a fishing pier or swimming platform.

7.  Boat Ramp use is limited to Windermere Oaks Property Owners, Tennis Village Property Owners and their respective tenants, family members, and guests.