Pavilion Reservation

This is an application to reserve the community pavilion for a private event.  Once the calendar is checked, you will receive a confirmation email from CAM.  Please read the following agreement.  You will be required to place an electronic signature in agreement before you will be approved for a Pavilion reservation.


  • Should damage occur, as a result of your event, or if additional cleaning is required, your homeowners account will be charged for these services.  It’s recommended you take before and after pictures to avoid any misunderstandings about what constitutes damage or uncleanliness.
  • If using the pool in conjunction to the pavilion, please follow the pool rules.
  • Please bring personal trash bags to your event.  At the end of your event, please take the trash home with you to be collected by your trash service.  The trash cans by the mailbox are for MAIL TRASH ONLY. Please clean up all decorations, the premises, and the grills.
  • Turn off all lights and fans. Some of the lights are activated by the switch inside of the storage room.  Return all tables and chairs to storage and any other borrowed items.

Please fill out this eForm to reserve the Pavilion for a private event.

Pavilion Request Form for WOPOA

  • I agree to the Pavilion Use Agreement listed above. Please sign your name in the space above. This electronic signature constitutes your authorized agreement to these terms.